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     Sweet Layers Bakery LLC is a home-based bakery located in Louisville, Kentucky. Sweet Layers proudly serves only scratch-made desserts made the old-fashioned way with fresh, quality ingredients resulting in moist, decadent desserts with layers of flavor. 

      Jennifer Owen is a school librarian by day and baker by night. She began her passion for baking many years ago on a quest to replicate a family favorite - her grandmother's red velvet cake. Finding just the right combination for moist, light cake, she delved into scratch making other flavors and desserts of all kinds. She got great joy from sharing her sweet creations with others and they couldn't seem to get enough. So, Sweet Layers was born as a labor of sweet love!  

     Sweet Layers specializes in a wide variety of layer cakes, cookies, and bars. Find us at local Farmer's Markets, community events or place a custom order today! Inquire about decorating and delivery. 




Scratch-baker, frequently covered in flour and powdered sugar 




Head of icing testing, cake cutting, and grocery shopping


 Budding baker, taste tester, & sprinkle master 

Awards & Honors

  • 2nd Place Kentucky State Fair - Carrot Cake 

  • 2nd Place Kentucky State Fair - Red Velvet Cake 

  • Taste of Home - Runner Up Best Ever Baking Contest - Apple Pecan Spice 

  • Taste of Home - Best Desserts of 2019  

  • 3rd Place Kentucky State Fair - Italian Cream Cake 

  • 3rd Place Kentucky State Fair - Lemon Velvet Layer Cake 

  • Lilly's Peanut Butter Cookies - 1st Place Junior Best Baked Cookie 

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