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Layer Cakes 

Scratch-made layer cakes in a variety of flavors! 

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Red Velvet - moist Southern classic cake with a hint of cocoa and cream cheese icing

Italian Cream -  sweet creamy cake with coconut, toasted pecans and almond cream cheese icing

Carrot Cake - moist cake filled with carrots, toasted walnuts, just the right spice, and cream cheese icing

Apple Pecan Spice Cake - fluffy spice cake full of Honeycrisp apples, toasted pecans, and brown sugar cream cheese icing

Kentucky Jam Cake - made with fresh homemade blackberry jam, apple butter spices, and salted caramel frosting 

Pumpkin Spice - moist and fluffy pumpkin spice cake with cream cheese icing

Hummingbird - sweet southern cake full of banana and pineapple with cinnamon cream cheese icing

Mint Chocolate - moist chocolate cake with a hint of mint, mint chocolate icing, and mint Oreo filling

Mint Chip - a cake version of this ice cream favorite with mint chip cake and icing 

Peanut Butter & Chocolate -  moist chocolate cake with peanut butter fudge-like icing

Double Chocolate - moist chocolate cake with rich chocolate icing

S'mores Layer Cake - chocolate cake and icing; filled and topped with marshmallow frosting, mini chocolate chips, and graham crumble

Hot Cocoa Layer Cake— moist chocolate malt cake with marshmallow filling, chocolate icing and mini marshmallows 

Milkshake Cake - light chocolate cake and whipped malted chocolate icing reminiscent of an old-fashioned soda shop milkshake 

German Chocolate - moist chocolate cake with rich caramel, coconut, and pecan filling

Turtle - moist chocolate cake filled and topped with salted caramel filling and toasted pecans & cashews

Chocolate & Strawberry - moist chocolate cake iced and filled with strawberry cream cheese icing 

Candy Cane Lane —light peppermint cake and creamy white chocolate peppermint icing topped with candy cane crunch

Funfetti - buttery and sweet cake with pops of color with rich chocolate or vanilla icing

Cookies & Cream - vanilla cake with Oreo pieces, cream cheese icing and Oreo filling

Chocolate Chip—vanilla cake dotted with chocolate chips; topped and filled with whipped chocolate ganache

Coastal Coconut Cake— moist white coconut cake with a sweet roasted pineapple filling topped with fluffy coconut icing and toasted coconut

Creamy Coconut - moist white coconut cake with coconut cream cheese icing and toasted coconut

Blueberry Lemon - moist vanilla cake dotted with fresh blueberries, iced with vanilla cream cheese frosting, and filled with tart and sweet homemade lemon curd 

Strawberries & Cream - sweet fresh strawberry layer cake with strawberry cream cheese icing

Strawberry Shortcake Layer Cake - moist vanilla cake layered with strawberry icing and vanilla wafer crumble

Key Lime Layer Cake - sweet & tart lime cake and icing with a graham crumble topping

Lemon Velvet - moist lemon cake with just the right sweetness and lemon cream cheese icing

Orange Creamsicle -  velvety orange cake and creamy white chocolate frosting

Peaches & Cream - velvety white cake, filled with sweet peaches and topped with peach frosting (seasonal)

Very Vanilla - moist & fluffy vanilla cake with fluffy vanilla cream cheese icing 

Salted Caramel - classic moist yellow cake with salted caramel cream cheese icing 

Raspberry & Chocolate - moist raspberry cake iced with a light chocolate frosting 

Check out our 9 x 13 flavors too! 

  • 9 inch layer cakes

  • easily serves 10 -12

  • $45-55 each 

  • decorating available

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